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Trauma-Informed Pain Rehab and Mobility Recovery

Massage & Bodywork for Women

Results-based, personalized massage therapy for your unique body and needs.

Gentle touch in a soothing environment that delivers clinical outcomes.

Hey there,

I'm Razan, and I know pain, pain that is physical as well as emotional. Years of debilitating back pain led me on a journey through conventional medicine and therapeutic bodywork. Bodywork won and now I'm pain-free thanks to a couple of great massage therapists who helped me learn to understand my body, move better, deal with the emotions contributing to my pain, and trust the process.

I have a love for massage and bodywork that goes deep. I study the human body and massage techniques like some people study math or psychology. And what I've learned, and seen in my practice, is that you can't address the body without addressing the mind. And when you're able to address both the physical and emotional traumas, your body naturally begins to unwind and relax. 

My holistic approach to helping you relieve pain and feel better in your body is the result of scientific study, application, and a genuine love for helping women feel better in their bodies. 

I've been where you are, and I can help. Let's partner together to bring freer movement to your body and ease to your mind.

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Our Approach

At Sunnah Health, we  offer results-based bodywork with an individualized approach that is perfect for each of our clients. We do not offer cookie-cutter massages that are standardized to fit everyone, because every body is unique. Our specialized bodywork experiences are not only unique to you, but unique to your needs in that moment. We partner with you to create body and movement awareness, while developing a session plan that speaks to your specific stress, pain, traumas, mobility issues, and emotional needs.

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Our Services

We work closely with you, and if necessary your medical and holistic teams, to address a wide range of issues, including headaches/migraines, chronic aches and pains, post-stroke recovery, post-surgical recovery, TMJ disorders, flexibility/range of motion, postural misalignments, habitual pattern holding, and more.

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Our Certifications

We have acquired many certifications over our 21 years, some of which include massage certifications in Thai, myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, fertility, cancer, prenatal, facial massage, and lymphatic drainage. We are also trauma-informed and certified in grief, caregiver, and health coaching.

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Specialized Therapy

We offer specialized massage & bodywork therapy that is responsive and not dictating. We listen to your needs and develop a plan with you, monitoring your body's responses to each session to create lasting pain relief and recovery..

Our Mission

At Sunnah Health, we aim to bridge the gap between conventional pain treatments and mental health therapies with trauma-informed practices that relieve physical and emotional discomfort. Our goal is to improve your health and quality of life through bodywork and health advocacy grounded in mind/body connectedness.

Sunnah Health

myofascial release near me

Myofascial Release Massage

Relieve pain, loosen restrictions, relax stiff joints while increasing range of motion, reducing anxiety, and improving flexibility, posture, and mobility.

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Somatic Release Massage

Assists the body's natural ability to release tension and stored emotions, release of physical and emotional stress, promote a deep sense of relaxation and balance

craniosacral massage near me

Craniosacral Therapy

Great for headaches, chronic pain, nervous system disorders, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, scoliosis, learning differences such as ADD, ADHD, autism, and sensory processing, chronic fatigue, emotional difficulties, stress, PTSD, post-surgical disfuction

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Hijama Wet Cupping

Practiced for more than 1,400 years by many cultures. It is known as Baguan in Chinese, Bekam in Malayan, Buhang in Korean, Ghista Hua in Hindi, and Hijama in Arabic. Hijama cupping helps remove wastes from the body, loosen tight muscles, and promote a sense of relaxation. 

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Face & Buccal Massage

Stimulate blood circulation, alleviate TMJ/TMJD pain, address headaches and sinus congestion and pain, reduce inflammation, relax tightness in jaw muscles from clenching and tooth grinding

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Foot Reflexology

Focused pressure to foot reflex points stimulates nerve pathways, promoting physiological responses including stress reduction, improved circulation, pain management, enhanced nerve function

visceral massage therapy near me

Visceral Massage

This gentle but effective massage helps release tension and enhance mobility in your internal organs, improve organ function, alleviate chronic pain, enhance digestive health, emotional release, and improve posture. Also good for fertility and reproductive health..

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Health Advocacy

We partner with you to assist your recovery from chronic pain and/or illness by addressing your unique challenges related to self-care and holistic living by giving you practical tools and helping you adhere to your health practitioner's advice and care plan.

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