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Massage & Hijama Cupping


Sunnah Health is your trusted partner in wellness, helping you achieve your health goals with authentic hijama cupping, massage therapy, and holistic health consulting in a professional and private space. 


With nearly 20 years of education, research, and practice, we are masters of the theory and practice of hijama, and also provide a high quality education in the field.

Our unique skill set includes medical dry cupping certification, hijama wet cupping certification, medical massage therapy, trauma-informed, PTSD-educated, and a team well-versed in the rulings & guidelines of the practice of hijama.


We are true massage geeks! We stay aware of the latest and greatest techniques to help your body feel whole again and relieve pain, while increasing circulation, range of motion and a general sense of wellbeing.

No muscular issue is too great or small. We help you with everything from a neck "crick" to scar tissue. We love what we do, which is helping you feel better in your body.

"Razan uses her wisdom and experience in diverse areas to support others to whole health. Her calm, warm energy and patience make it easy to be in her presence. She draws from her experiences and knowledge to compassionately coach others in discovering how to create a life that is best for them. I highly recommend the transformative experience of partnering with her."

C., C., Cleveland, Ohio

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