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caregiver for family member

Self-Care & Caregiver Support Coaching


I help caregivers improve self-care, give better care, and improve her relationship with herself, her care recipient, and others. You can triumph over the mental, physical and emotional overwhelm of doing it all using strategies that work so you can feel better and care better.

Caregiver peace is possible with support and a partner who can help you regain focus and direction with improved self-care, releasing negative emotions using emotional intelligence and mind/body practices, and creating a unique and easy blueprint for you to achieve an inner peace and confidence in your ability to live your life well while helping your loved one do the same.

Does this describe you?

If any of the following describes you, you are either headed for burnout or already there. I know because I've been there. The good news is that understanding why you feel the way you feel is the first step to making a change. Caregiver burnout is completely normal and happens more often than we might think because some people make caregiving look so easy. But behind closed doors, we share the same fears, anxieties, concerns, frustrations.


  •  Totally exhausted by the daily and continuous effort that caregiving requires 

  • Desperately in need of some "me" time but can't figure out how to get it

  • Losing relationships due to feelings of isolation or resentment

  • Unable to care for yourself properly because there doesn't seem to be enough time in a day

  • Inability to take advantage of down time because you just want to shut down for a bit

  • Experiencing headaches, irritability, insomnia, weight loss or gain

  • General feeling of being unwell

  • Experiencing sadness, anxiety, or worry about the changes in your life and your loved one's condition

  • Dealing with your own health concerns and anxious about your future and the future of your parent

  • Developing resentment or harshness toward your loved one or others

  • Needing a place for additional support and strategies on your caregiving journey

If you are wondering whether it's worth it to make coaching a regular part of your caregiver journey, consider:

  • how much money you can save by avoiding costly therapy which is great for dissecting the past but most times doesn't help you design a better future,

  • not having to purchase dozens of how-to books, some good, some not, and none of which will actually support you in applying any useful strategies,

  • being able to avoid the frustrating trial and error of taking advice from friends, family, or others who aren't in and don't fully understand your specific situation,

  • avoiding the loss of relationships due to anger, resentment, lack of communication, isolation, etc.,

  • having the ability to reestablish and reignite relationships that allow others to support you on your journey and contribute to your success,

  • the mental, emotional, and financial cost of ineffective coping mechanisms or negative habits that don't address the problem and can make it worse,

  • avoiding the high cost of nursing home care due to caregiver burnout and an inability or refusal to continue home care for your own sanity and safety.

If you believe that you CAN thrive as a caregiver, or that you MUST, you don't want to miss this opportunity to grow, along with your care recipient, and to make caregiving work for the both of you.

"Razan uses her wisdom and experience in diverse areas to support others to whole health. Her calm, warm energy and patience make it easy to be in her presence. She draws from her experiences and knowledge to compassionately coach others in discovering how to create a life that is best for them. I highly recommend the transformative experience of partnering with her."

C., C., Cleveland, Ohio

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