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Who I Partner With ...

Women who don't feel well but don't know why and have been diagnosed as healthy,

Women who are constantly anxious and worried to the point of headaches, neck and shoulder tightness and pain, and a general sense of failure to thrive,

Women who are stressed and overwhelmed to the point where it is creating pain and imbalances in the body,

Women who work in environments that put stress on their bodies, which in turn negatively impacts their physical health,

Women who have a diagnosis of chronic disease and want to use holistic methods to improve health,

Women who have been diagnosed with cancer and other serious illnesses who want to revise their diet and lifestyle to promote health and balance,



This single session is good for discussing a matter that is important to you right now. It's also a good a la carte option without the commitment.



This session is typically done at one time, or can be broken into 2 sessions, and is a great way to deep dive into any issue related to your health journey



This program is a great way to create a unique health plan, put it into action, monitor your progress, and make your changes stick long-term.


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