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health coach for women

Life & Wellness Coaching



The women I coach achieve amazing results. Through our partnership, they resolve their physical pain, achieve emotional balance, create simple yet effective lifestyle habits, develop self-care strategies that make managing work and life easier and more enjoyable. They create healthy boundaries and improved relationships. They create wholeness within that affects every area of their lives.


Hey! I'm Razan (or Raz), and I'm a trained and certified coach in the areas of holistic health, grief, cancer integration, caregiving, and life coaching.


But before all of that, I am a person who has faced many obstacles in my own physical and mental (emotional) wellbeing. 


I've overcome major health challenges, resolved my chronic pain issues, healed from losing a spouse, and I'm a fulltime caregiver to an aging parent. 


I've helped countless others create a healing environment in their bodies and minds using practical and real-world techniques that are science-based and extremely effective.

I'm not a "woo-woo" coach. I'm a logical, avid researcher of the medical and scientific literature whose passion is helping people thrive and live beyond the obstacles set in their path. I use deep insights and have a straight to the point style that targets the root to initiate growth. I help you see what isn't always apparent and I say what needs to be said to help you get out of your own way.

My coaching support has benefitted women who...


Don't feel well but don't know why and have been diagnosed as healthy,


Are constantly anxious and worried to the point of headaches, neck and shoulder tightness and pain, and a general sense of failure to thrive,


Are stressed and overwhelmed to the point where it is creating pain and imbalances in the body,


Work in environments that put stress on their bodies, which in turn negatively impacts their physical health,


Have a diagnosis of chronic disease and want to use holistic methods to improve health,


Have been diagnosed with cancer and other serious illnesses who want to revise their diet and lifestyle to promote health and balance.

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