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Health Advocacy



Our health is one of our greatest gifts. Trying to improve your health without support can be a very difficult and confusing process. There are so many opinions. Eat this, don't eat that. This will kill you, that will heal you. It can be very overwhelming.


I know because I've been there. I've been to doctor's visits where they say nothing is wrong but I feel awful. I've been diagnosed with issues and didn't have the insurance to treat them or didn't trust my medical team's decisions. I've even had a wrong diagnosis! I've battled weight gain and being underweight. I've had cancer scares unnecessary surgery, and rebound illnesses from being prescribed meds without cause. So I know the feelings of confusion, doubt, fear, and overwhelm that come with having to address your health in a new way.

This is what led me to become a holistic health practitioner. Any form of bodywork, coaching, or healing modality that helped me overcome my own health challenges, I got trained in it. And now I use my education, expertise, and personal experiences to help women like you. 

I have a unique, and simplistic (or you can say old school lol) way of creating healthy strategies. You won't have to purchase expensive supplements from a rare tropical forest or gulp down slimy gels. I won't have you stuffing yourself with lettuce leaves or filling up on smoothies. I don't do what's trending. I do what is effective according to ancient practice and scientific studies, and what works for the long-term and is sustainable. I work so that soon you won't need me and you'll be equipped to manage your health on your own, with a bit of support from your health team when necessary.

As a Holistic Health Practitioner with 30+ years of successful service to women, I support you in achieving amazing results in your health and lifestyle. Through our partnership, you can begin to resolve physical pain, achieve emotional balance, create simple yet effective lifestyle habits, and develop self-care strategies that create an inner wellness that affects every area of your life.

The women I partner with are from around the world, but have the shared experience of a present or past physical or emotional health challenge that affects their quality of life.


I support amazing women who show up boldly to participate in their own healing and growth. In cases of serious health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc., I can work with you along with your medical team to create strategies that contribute to your success in following medical guidelines.


I have a high success rate of working with cancer patients to improve self-care and navigate the dietary and lifestyle changes necessary to increase your chances of successful treatment.

I partner with you to help you:

✔ achieve the emotional wisdom to acknowledge your past, create your present and transform your future.

✔ discover your body's unique healing process with a wellness plan catered to your specific needs and lifestyle.

✔ move beyond childhood and adult traumas to self-acceptance and love.

✔ discover and remove the obstacles to your pathway to wellness.

✔ discover new hope and confidence in yourself and what your future holds.

✔ defeat self-sacrificing behaviors and create a life you love.

✔ reclaim your phenomenal woman within to live fully and on purpose.

What partnering with me looks like:

✔ personalized experience unique to your needs and not a cookie-cutter approach

✔ deep listening to discover your true dreams and goals

✔ a non-judgmental approach to helping you discover what being well looks like for you

 ✔ working from the root, inside out, to create lasting change


✔ being your partner in wellness to help you create a roadmap for your specific health journey


✔  championing you through your mind body transformation every step of the way with positive feedback 


✔ supporting you through maintaining new ways of being in your body, mind, and life

About Me...


I'm a trained and certified coach in the areas of holistic health, grief, cancer integration, caregiving, and life coaching.


But before all of that, I am a person who has faced many obstacles in my own physical and mental (emotional) wellbeing. 


I've overcome major health challenges, resolved my chronic pain issues, healed from losing a spouse, and I'm a fulltime caregiver to an aging parent. 


I've helped countless others create an internal mind and body environment that is primed for healing using practical and real-world techniques that are science-based and extremely effective. This includes myself, having overcome chronic pain, an imbalanced immune system, shedding excess weight, and regaining emotional balance and mental clarity.

I'm not a "woo-woo" advocate. I'm a logical, avid researcher of the medical and scientific literature whose passion is helping people thrive and live beyond the obstacles set in their path. I use deep insights and have a straight to the point style that targets the root to initiate healing and growth. I help you see what isn't always apparent and I say what needs to be said to help you get out of your own way.

My support has benefitted women who...


Don't feel well but don't know why and have been diagnosed as healthy.


Are constantly anxious and worried to the point of headaches, neck and shoulder tightness and pain, and a general sense of failure to thrive.


Are stressed and overwhelmed to the point where it is creating pain and imbalances in the body.


Work in environments that put stress on their bodies, which in turn negatively impacts their physical health.


Have a diagnosis of chronic disease and want to use holistic methods to support their chosen healing path.


Have been diagnosed with cancer and other serious illnesses who want to revise their diet and lifestyle to promote health and balance.

Let's work together to create your unique roadmap to healing and success.

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