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About Us


My Mission:

We support women who need a safe space to return to themselves using somatic bodywork that addresses the tension, stress, and pains of the body and mind.

Our mission is to provide a nurturing holistic massage environment that is effective yet gentle for those who want to let go without the more forceful modalities.

Our technique includes a unique blend of  modalities including Thai massage, craniosacral, lymphatic drainage, and assisted stretch.

We work with you and your unique body to coax you into muscle release, allowing your mind to follow.

Although we work with all women, we are dedicated to helping caregivers and other women who are givers and need a return to self-care.

We help you reconnect to you.

My Story

Hey I'm Razan, and I understand chronic pain and the nagging feeling of being unwell without being able to put a finger on it. I've been to countless doctors and enduring all kinds of tests just to be told I'm fine and it's all in my head.

For years I experienced the deterioration of my body, and my emotional state along with it. My pain once got so bad that I had to literally lift my leg with both hands to get up the next step. You would think I'd rejoice at all of the negative test results, but they only increased my frustration and confusion. I'd gotten to a point where I wanted a diagnosis just so that I could put a name to what I felt and begin some type of treatment.


It didn't help that I was unhappy with my life and had been looking for a career change for some time. My emotional state was in the dumps and I was soothing myself with bad food, sleepless nights, and a lack of movement or hydration. Eventually I through my back out and ended up at a chiropractor's office.


Unfortunately, this chiropractor didn't help at all. But I developed an interest in bodywork and decided to pursue massage therapy. While in school, I learned and experienced so many forms of bodywork. And in the process, my back pain was relieved, my emotions became balanced, and I rediscovered a passion for life and a happiness that had been  missing for a long time.


It became so clear to me that the majority of what ails us, outside of major illnesses of course, it s a result of a disconnect between the mind and body, and the loss of body awareness to help us understand how to ourselves back together.


After years of working on hundreds, if not thousands of women's bodies, I have found the common causes of our physical pain and stiffness to be stress, anxiety, things left unsaid, feeling unappreciated, being unsatisfied, and being overwhelmed with responsibilities, grief, and not having support.


My goal is to positively affect as many woman as I can through touch, mind/body connection work, and helping you gain greater awareness of your body and mind in order to improve your health and your way of being and living.

Skills and Certifications

I'm a licensed massage therapist #16264 (2003), certified medical cupping specialist (2005), trained hijama practitioner (2005), a certified master grief coach (2021), a certified mind body practitioner (2022). I'm a trained herbalist (1994) and life coach (1997) with trauma awareness training (2020) and integrative cancer coaching training (2022). I'm a trained family caregiver (2023) and full time caregiver to an aging parent.

I'm an American Muslim and I geek out on all things holistic wellness, self-improvement, and anything that will help me and others grow as people and become better tomorrow than we are today, and feel better tomorrow than how we feel right now.

Come experience the difference that gentle, conscious work can make.



"Razan uses her wisdom and experience in diverse areas to support others to whole health. Her calm, warm energy and patience make it easy to be in her presence. She draws from her experiences and knowledge to compassionately coach others in discovering how to create a life that is best for them. I highly recommend the transformative experience of partnering with her."

C., C., Cleveland, Ohio

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