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Positive Touch for Survivors


We offer a private and safe space where women can receive compassionate and positive touch. All of our services are based on gentle hands-on support that soothes your body and your mind.

Having experienced trauma, your body and mind can hold a lot of stress and anxiety that can make you hesitant to trust putting your body in someone else's care. Trauma massage therapy can help.

Positive touch is exactly what your body needs to help calm your nervous system, balance your emotions, and slowly begin to trust touch again.

We define survivors as anyone who has gone through a traumatic event that has put your body and emotions in stress mode, and created triggers that leave you anxious and emotionally overwhelmed, and leave your body tense and in pain.

Our "You're In Control" massage sessions are very nurturing and relaxing. We don't address parts of you; we address all of you, meaning your mind and body using gentle techniques that do no harm. 

We tailor the session to meet your comfort level and let you decide what feels right for you.

Your comfort and healing is our priority. We listen to your specific needs and create a session plan with you, not for you.

Massage can be an important part of your healing process. Let us support you with gentle touch that comforts your mind just as much as your body.

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